Is Satellite Direct Software Everything It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Looking for great new ways that you can watch TV online is something that a lot of people aspire to, because computers are just so convenient these days who needs a regular cable company to provide you with programming right?  But not everything is easily available online, and sometimes you want to watch international programming, so how are you supposed to do that easily? Well may would turn to Satellite Direct software, but that’s not always the best option.

You’re going to find that there’s a running debate online as to whether or not this type of software can be trusted, or whether or not it’s actually a scam.  You’ll find that there’s a lot of information about Satellite Direct software scams out there, that can scare you off the process.  So how are you supposed to find out the truth and whether or not this type of software is really going to be right for you?

Just what it is that Satellite Direct software is claiming?

Basically this type of software is available for a one time fee of $50 and access to over 3500 channels.  They are able to do this by tapping into satellite networks all throughout the world, in a totally legal way, that supplies you with access to channels and programming you just wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.  Plus you can watch it all right from your computer through the included software.

That means theoretically you can watch a soccer game from England, then switch over to a movie that’s airing on a US network, and then switch up to Italy for an authentic Italian cuisine cooking show right?  That all sounds pretty good, and who could beat only having to pay $50 to get all of this right.  But of course sometimes if things sound too good to be true, you will find that they are just that.

Is Satellite Direct software a scam?

This is the question that most end up asking before buying, because there are a lot of shady reports out there.  As some Satellite Direct software reviews can tell you, most of the channels that you’re going to be supposed to be able to access are not always going to work as advertised. While the channels you can access should be in the thousands, many complain that really only a few work, sometimes as few as one literally.  That’s something that you have to be careful of.

But you’ll also find that many complain of a Satellite Direct software through how the money is actually charged.  You’ll find that many have found a problem with service in the way that the billing process is run, by which you cannot get a refund after you’ve paid for the software, even if it doesn’t work as advertised.  Many have found trouble actually getting into contact with the billing company as well, leading to further problems trying to reverse a payment when the product doesn’t work.

Something else that you’re also going to find is that Satellite Direct software has a lot of their own sites and reviews out to make it sound as though the software is the right type of service for you to purchase.  This is a problem for a few reasons.  On the one hand it’s sort of a shady business practice, and isn’t going to leave you with a lot of faith that the Satellite Direct software scam reports are false.  But this also makes it quite a bit harder to separate fact from fiction, which is always an issue when seeking to research a product.

Final Conclusion

There really isn’t any damning evidence either way with Satellite Direct software, and you’re going to find that it’s still up to you the consumer whether you want to go with a particular service.  That means you just have to decide if the Satellite Direct software scam reports and reviews are false or not, and whether you want to take a $50 plunge.  Just remember that the quality still is not going to be what you would get at home with an HD receiver from a company like DirecTV or Dish Network, whether the service ends up being a scam or not.