Satellite Direct for Mac Has Launched

Apple enthusiasts rejoice:  Satellite Direct for Mac has now launched.

If you’re a Mac user like I am, you’ve probably been frustrated with the lack of software available for the computer sometimes.  It’s still well worth the sacrifice, but it gets really annoying when I find something I want that’s only available on a PC.

The good news is that the company just launched a Mac version of Satellite Direct, giving everyone access to the software now.

This goes to show that the company is continuing to build out its product, making it more accessible and more appealing to everyone who uses it.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see the number and quality of channels increasing over time too.

The Mac version comes at the same $49.95 price tag that the PC version does, and the download is extremely lightweight, making it really easy to install and access.

The Satellite Direct channels offered on the Mac software are the very same ones that you’ll get on your PC.  The only difference is the back end coding that makes it all possible.

Satellite Direct download page.

Anyone with Apple TV will be happy to know that the transition from their computer to their television is seamless.  You’ll end up getting an HD quality image broadcast on your plasma or LCD television once you’ve installed the software.

Otherwise, some cables can easily be used as a means of transferring the image from your computer to your TV set if you’re interested in doing that.

It looks like this technology continues to grow, and more satisfied customers have continued to quell the common worries that potential customers may have about a Satellite Direct scam.

Look for more improvements to come from this company in the near future.

Satellite Direct for Mac and for PC here.